Branding toolkit downloads

Brand marks for print (vector EPS files)

Vector files of the University’s visual identity, the quadrangle and rectangle. These are the core elements of the University’s visual identity, one of which should be used on everything we do – from letterheads to leaflets, banners to bookmarks.

Foundry Sterling font

Members of the University may download Foundry Sterling font for use with the stationery templates also available from this section.

PC stationery templates

Download branded Word documents that can be personalised for your department.

PowerPoint presentation templates

Two Powerpoint templates are available for download.

Brand marks for web

A set of approved files of the University’s visual identity, the quadrangle and rectangle, specifically for screen use. These are provided in GIF format at a range of sizes. You may prefer to use the Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) of the brandmark from our Digital Style Guide.

Brand marks and presets for film

A zip file containing set of presets for Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro X, and brand mark images files to enable you to use the Public Affairs house style.

PowerPoint slides about Oxford

General Introduction to the University

Innovation at Oxford

Oxford videoconferencing backgrounds

Please note that some videoconferencing tools display your own image differently than others will see it. Logos may appear flipped on your screen but will be correct for others in your call.

Images © Oxford University Images / Oxford Photo LibraryChris AndrewsWhitaker Studio,   Greg Smolonski,  PhotovibeJohn Cairns Photography.