PAD's social media channels

The Public Affairs Directorate currently manage five verified social media accounts. You can find an overview of each channel below.

  • Followers: 3.8 million
  • Audience: Global, primarily India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia
  • Popular content: Imagery heavily associated with Oxford, institutional announcements, inspirational stories, posts linked to specific locations or cultures, human-focused stories
  • Followers: 566k
  • Audience: Global, primarily UK and US
  • Popular content: Topical research, jumping on trends and hashtags, fun stories, human-focused stories
  • Followers: 659k
  • Audience: Global, top locations include London, Jakarta, Oxford and Delhi
  • Popular content: Imagery heavily associated with Oxford, student-led content, influencer content, student life, student experiences
  • Followers: 500k
  • Audience: Global, primarily London, Oxford, New York City, San Francisco Bay area and other US locations
  • Popular content: Institutional announcements, research breakthroughs, alumni content
  • Followers: 172k subscribers / 9,809,339 views
  • Audience: global, but heavily skewed towards UK and North America (40% of views)
  • Popular content: admissions content; short news items, lectures

Popular links

Below are links to the University's social media channels managed by the Public Affairs Directorate