Accessibility training and resources

AbilityNet support

The University has negotiated and secured a framework agreement with AbilityNet, who supply accessibility services. This agreement, which applies through 2024, focuses on accessibility consultancy, testing and auditing. If you would like to take advantage of the services under this agreement please reach out to our main contact who will be able to arrange an initial call to discuss your requirement. 

Silktide framework agreement

The University has negotiated a framework agreement with Silktide, which provides accessibility checking and quality control of websites. If you are interested in what Silktide can provide, please visit the Oxford-specific Silktide page for demo and contact information.

Resources for University web platforms

A number of teams and departments within the University have published guidance or helpful information specific to their platforms:

Resources for teaching and learning

The Centre for Teaching and Learning provides guidance on making teaching and learning resources accessible to students, including resources on:


General resources


  • Making your digital products and services accessible for all can improve the experience for all users, as well as ensuring that individuals with disabilities can gain equal access. However, learning about digital accessibility can be daunting when faced.

  • With the help of AbilityNet, IT Services have run several webinars to guide you through the array of legal, technical and medical guidance involved in Web Accessibility, and the recordings of these webinars have been made available to all at the University via a Digital Accessibility page in the IT Learning Centre Digital Skills catalogue.

  • PAD’s accessibility training slides
  • GDS virtual conference on accessibility (May 2020) - including information on crafting accessibility statements and how to do basic checks


Contact us

For questions about accessibility and digital communications, please contact the Digital Communications team in PAD: